segunda-feira, 14 de outubro de 2013

Animais felizes

OK, os animais expressam seus sentimentos de maneira diferente que os humanos, não dá para saber exatamente o que eles estão sentindo.
Mas, mesmo assim, parece impossível não acreditar que estes estão extremamente felizes:

The moment when this lamb finally saved up enough to afford an oversized dog carrier in a good neighborhood with decent public transit access.

The day when this corgi first realized she was a corgi and basically could do whatever she wanted for the rest of her life.

And the glorious Kitten-in-a-Pocket event from the same year.

The first ever National Actual Pig In An Actual Blanket Day

The infamous moment when one lucky elephant found a really great stick.

"Just Stick Your Head Through It" Day, 1999

That time when this duck decided to start going with a "windblown" look.

That time when a Shiba Inu decided to help you organize your apartment.

Baby Cheetahs' Night Out, April 2013

Seal Beach Week*

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